Sunday, March 22, 2015

According to plan

Friday's game against Georgia went pretty much according to plan. MSU builds a double-digit lead, watches it evaporate, but manages to hang on and win. Though the free throw shooting was predictably atrocious through most of the game, Denzel Valentine hit six in a row down the stretch to seal the victory. Kudos to Denzel, he saved the day.

I wasn't terribly impressed with Virginia's win over Belmont. Granted, it's only one game and hard to make a blanket judgment; but it demonstrated that the Cavaliers are vulnerable. It probably also helps that the Spartans beat Virginia in last year's tournament and know what to expect from Tony Bennett's defensively-minded style.

The game starts in about one hour. 12:10ish on a Sunday afternoon. It's good in that it'll be over by about 2:30 leaving the rest of the day free to get some things done. Of course, my degree of motivation will largely be dependent on the result of this game, and I can't say whether a win or loss will increase motivation--but clearly I want a win.

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