Saturday, March 28, 2015

Enjoy the ride, fellow fans (even if you can't stay up past 11:30)

10:07 is entirely too late to start any athletic contest, but it's the price you pay for having a successful basketball team playing in a Sweet Sixteen. It just means that I have to find a strategic approach to staying up to watch the game.
Well, I meant to publish the comments above before the game. I'm sorry to admit I was only able to stay awake for the first half of last night's game. I had too much going on this morning and simply couldn't stay up that late.
Some kind of fan I am.
Is it safe to say that, considering the travails this team had earlier in the season (actually less than a month ago), this is the most unlikely and surprising Elite Eight of Izzo's tenure?
Tomorrow, the next opponent is Louisville, a program that ended MSU's season in 2012. Let's hope for a different outcome this year. At this point, any more wins the Spartans achieve is gravy.
Enjoy the ride.

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