Saturday, December 19, 2015

Northeastern basketball and tree decorating

I'm back from a rather long sabbatical in which I have spent time "recovering" from the wild and woolly football regular season while gearing up for the Cotton Bowl against the big bad Crimson Tide.
Today we have a basketball game, which will tip off about an hour after I post this. The Spartans are on the road to take on what looks to be a dangerous Northeastern team, playing in what is undoubtedly the biggest home game they've ever had.
I will attempt to assist in the decoration of our Christmas tree while the game is on, but we'll have to see how that goes. The closer this game is, the fewer ornaments that will be hung on the tree with care.
Not knowing much about Northeastern other than they were a tournament team last year that almost beat Notre Dame, they can shoot the ball well, and have a big road win against Miami this season, I will predict MSU to pull away late and win 82-72.
And wish me luck on the Yuletide decorating. I'll need it.