Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Not quite ready for football, but getting there

It still feels like summer around here.

It's been humid almost every single day since, heck, the beginning of June (certainly since July at the very least. I don't know. It's been muggy for so long I can't even remember when it started. Probably after it was hot and dry, which was probably June).  It's been hot for so long that it's scrambling my brain.

Anyway, the point is the weather has not one single hint of autumn. This makes it difficult for me to get into a football frame of mind.

I'm still very much in summer mode, though truth be told I'm tired of summer. The unrelenting sultry weather is wearing on me.

But, though this probably not an admission I should make on a presumed "MSU Spartan sports blog," I'm reluctant to take my inevitable "dive down the rabbit hole" that occurs about every single year on or near September 1. Now, what'll happen is that a few months from now I'll read this post and wonder what the hell was wrong with me.

Whether I'm ready or not, MSU football begins the season in two days against Furman. I will be planted in front of my TV, beer in hand, watching all the action. Though it's impossible to get a gauge on where the football team is now, having lost quite a few players from last year's team, I imagine it should be a fairly comfortable win for the Spartans. They will likely look rusty in the first half, but their depth will wear down the Paladins in the second half and the final score should be something in the neighborhood of MSU 41, Furman 10.

I'm sure I'll have a lot more to say when the game is over.