Thursday, March 19, 2015

March Madness

I just finished watching Purdue lose an overtime thriller to Cincinnati, while a few hours earlier I saw Ohio State escape VCU in overtime. Harvard came back against North Carolina and only lost by two. Two 3-seeds have already gone down (Baylor and Iowa State). March is mad, as usual.

I'm sufficiently recovered from the Spartans' heartbreaking loss to Wisconsin in the Big Ten tournament championship game. (That makes two gut-wrenching, and somewhat controversial, losses to Wisconsin in conference championships--football in 2011 and now basketball in 2015. I'm done with playing the Badgers in conference title games. It never ends well).
I have no idea what to expect from MSU's game against Georgia tomorrow. (I won't be around to see it anyway, since it starts at 12:40. I'll be at work and will have to follow it on my phone). The team has been so unpredictable this season that anything is possible. I don't know much about Georgia either. Looking at their season, they have no wins over any team currently in the top 25, though they played Kentucky close both times they faced the Wildcats--for whatever that's worth.
My main concern with MSU is their inability to put teams away. I could see the Spartans having, say, a 10-point lead with two minutes left and somehow managing to let it slip away, either losing in a buzzer-beater or hanging on to win by two or three points. I suppose what would shock me is if MSU is either blown out by Georgia or blows out the Bulldogs themselves. This will most likely be a close game decided by less than five points.

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