Saturday, September 27, 2014

Michigan State 56, Wyoming 14

The Spartans rolled over their final non-conference foe Wyoming, 56-14.
Overall, it was a good performance by MSU, but there are some areas of concern, namely the safeties, who continue to get burned for big plays. This was a glaring problem against Oregon, and even Eastern Michigan has some open receivers, though Eagles' quarterback Rob Bolden had no time to throw the ball and when he was able to throw, his receivers dropped the ball almost every time.
It's not fair to expect "No Fly Zone Mach II," but there is definitely room for improvement.

It was also odd to see how many holding penalties the offensive line had, and the tough day had by Travis Jackson. I hope that's just a blip on the radar screen.
Despite those holding calls,the good news is the offense is clicking, albeit against subpar competition. This may end up being a year in which the Spartans win with a great offense and a serviceable defense, a reversal of last season.
Wyoming presented a much tougher opponent than Eastern Michigan. They are hardnosed and well coached--just outmanned.
Next week, the competition is ratcheted up considerably with Nebraska. This is the first Big Ten game of the season for Michigan State and we will know more about the Spartans, and the Cornhuskers, when it's over.

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