Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stanton, Hoyer, and Cousins

Last Sunday, three former Michigan State quarterbacks led their respective teams to victories: Kirk Cousins stepped in for an injured Robert Griffin III and helped Washington demolish Jacksonville, Brian Hoyer directed a dramatic, come-from-behind win for the Cleveland Browns over New Orleans, and Drew Stanton seized opportunity with the Arizona Cardinals as they defeated the hapless New York Giants.
It's excellent, positive publicity for MSU football to have these three former players enjoying so much success on the same day. 
Drew Stanton is one of my all-time favorite Spartans in any sport. He was, and still is, a great all-around athlete who was unfortunately saddled with some mediocre teams in the dark days of the John L. Smith era. I still wonder what might have happened if he hadn't been injured in the 2004 Michigan game, with MSU holding a significant lead.
I never understood the criticism Brian Hoyer endured from fans when he was MSU's starting quarterback from 2007-2008. He may have not been a dazzling athlete, but he always struck me as an intelligent, hard working player who helped build the foundation of Dantonio's program.
Hoyer passed the torch to Cousins, who ran with it to the tune of a 2010 Big Ten title, a near-title in 2011, and a 2012 Outback Bowl win over Georgia. Cousins will certainly go down in the all-time top five of Spartan quarterbacks.
Besides being Spartans, these three share in common the trait of perseverance. They never gave up. Best of luck to Stanton, Hoyer, and Cousins.

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