Friday, November 18, 2011

Hoosier daddy? Probably the Spartans.

I'm excited about finally heading to Spartan Stadium tomorrow for my first LIVE game of the season, in what is the home finale.  I hope to get to the stadium in time for the senior day ceremony at 11:45 AM.  This special Spartan senior class deserves a standing ovation for all they've accomplished.

As far as the game itself goes, on paper it looks to be a blowout--but I thought that way about last year's final home game against Purdue and the Minnesota game two weeks ago.  If the Spartans are lackadaisical, it could end up being closer than expected.  But I have to believe that the MSU players know what is at stake, and will give it a solid and spirited effort. 

From what I've read about Indiana, they seem overmatched in this game.  Their quarterback, freshman Tre Roberson, is considered an outstanding talent with speed and a good arm.  But the key is that he is a FRESHMAN, and he doesn't have enough talent surrounding him at this point.  Plus, IU's coach Kevin Wilson completely cleaned house when he took over, and the Hoosiers are an extremely thin and young team.  Perhaps, if they play hard and get some turnovers, they can hang with MSU for the first half.  But I don't see them being able to last much more than that.  IU's defense is their weakest link, and I can see the Spartans running up and down the field on them.  Final score: MSU 41, IU 14.  (But we've seen how terrible my predictions have been, so maybe I should just shut up).

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