Friday, October 2, 2015

"Sunshine blower"?--that's me!

There is a term used by the fanatical MSU fans who post on the Red Cedar Message Board. It in an unflattering term used to describe folks who are relentlessly chipper and optimistic about Spartan sports teams, despite indications that such enthusiasm is unwarranted. The term is sunshine blower.

The term perfectly describes my current state of mind.

Oh sure, I was feeling some aggravation and stress during the CMU game, but I've gotten over it since. It seemed to me that the Spartans sufficiently imposed their will in the fourth quarter that maybe--just maybe--there isn't as much to fear as many of us might think.

The first test of this theory comes tomorrow against what looks to be a weak Purdue team. Now, it's true that the Boilermakers have played MSU close the last five years or so, however the Spartans haven't lost to Purdue in the Dantonio era. I don't see this changing tomorrow.

I tend to side with those who think that the Spartans are sick of hearing about their perceived weaknesses and will take it out on Purdue tomorrow. Despite MSU's injury situation, I see the Spartans winning this one by something in the neighborhood of 38-17.

I considered going over the other Big Ten games, but as it's a little late right now and my brain doesn't feel like it's fully functional, I'll pass on that now and try to do it tomorrow morning.

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