Saturday, October 3, 2015

Another nailbiter (Michigan State 24, Purdue 21)

Knee jerk reactions to today's 24-21st nailbiter of a win over Purdue:

This team absolutely can't afford any more injuries. From my perspective as an observer, the team's depth is getting spread thin and these guys are getting gassed in the second half.

At least the schedule appears favorable for the next week. Rutgers is one of the worst teams in the conference and the Spartans should be able to survive that game. With any luck, MSU will get Conklin and Keiler back for Michigan and they'll also need a healthy Josiah Price and R.J. Williamson.

In short, after a healthy 2013 and 2014, the law of averages has kicked in and the injury bug is biting MSU on the butt.

As I sit here and watch Ohio State struggle with Indiana, it becomes abundantly clear that life at the top is tough every single week.

I have a feeling that nobody is reading this blog besides me, but I messed up last night and in an irrational fever I temporarily changed the name of the blog, then changed it BACK again but have a feeling I screwed something up because now the blog comes up as "unavailable" or some such thing when it is Googled. Lord knows what the hell I did.

October 5, 2015 update: R.J. Williamson is out for the season, joining Vayante Copeland--so the back side of the Spartan defense is in even more trouble. I am trying to remain positive about the rest of the season, but unless the next men in line are able to step up and learn quickly, this doesn't bode well.

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