Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Michigan State/Michigan: the rematch

Tonight is the basketball rematch between the Spartans and Michigan, as the two teams take the rivalry to Crisler Center.
Before the Big Ten season started, I predicted a split in the season series, and despite Michigan's injuries and MSU seemingly turning a corner after two consecutive wins, I'm sticking to that. I hope like hell I'm wrong, but I'm still not convinced that MSU has indeed elevated its game for the rest of the season.
If Michigan has any gas left in the tank, they'll use it tonight in front of what will probably be the last excited full house crowd they'll see all season.
Now, I've learned never to count out a Tom Izzo-coached team, so I'm not for one second suggesting that Michigan State has no shot in this game--far from it. This is still a team fighting for a spot in the NCAA tournament (Michigan is almost certainly eliminated from the Dance). I'm just not quite sold on them, so I'm grudgingly predicting a 66-64 Michigan win.
The game starts at 9:00 and likely won't end until 11:15ish. I need to get up for work at 5:30 AM. I know that no matter what the outcome, I'll be wired until at least 1 AM. For that reason, I'm considering ducking out tonight and catching the inevitable replay if the Spartans win.
I think I've discussed this wimpy plan in the past on this blog when it's come to other MSU/UM matchups. Anyone reading this is more than justified in calling me a wimp or an idiot. But I always envisioned this blog as being a portrait of the irrationality of sports fandom, or at least my sports fandom.

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