Friday, November 7, 2014

Ohio State week and other stuff

It's Ohio State week, and the Buckeyes are a team that could be MSU's final major obstacle to a Big Ten East championship. It's definitely not like the old days, when a win over OSU was simply a feather in ones cap and a chance to ruin the Buckeyes' season. Now MSU is in the unfamiliar position of having their own season marred by a loss to Ohio State. The stakes are higher, one of the "pitfalls" of having a competitive football program.
J.T. Barrett, after a rocky start, has done a fantastic job stepping in for the injured Braxton Miller. I've heard J.T. Barrett compared to everyone from Cornelius Greene, Ohio State's quarterback in the mid-'70s, to Jimmy Raye, and if you read my blog you already know who Jimmy Raye is. Consensus seems to be that he is at least equal to Braxton Miller as a runner but a better passer. One of MSU's keys to success this Saturday is to force Barrett into freshman mistakes in the biggest college game he's played to date.
I don't like night games in college football that much. They make more sense in the South where weather is rarely a factor, but a November night game in Michigan is asking for trouble. Once again, it's a game scheduled solely for television with no regard given to the fans. Yet another example of the NCAA worshipping the almighty buck.
And now onto the NCAA football playoff. Four teams is too few for the playoff. I don't want this to turn into the de facto SEC playoff series. Open it up to eight teams and let's finally have a referendum on how good the Big Ten, SEC, Big 12, ACC and Pac 12 are. Have the five champions from each of the "Power Five" get automatic bids, with three at-large bids.


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