Saturday, November 8, 2014

Another reason I don't like MSU night football games

A few posts ago, I complained about the fact the MSU/OSU tilt was a night game. Basically, it's a money grab for the Big Ten, NCAA, ABC Sports (and a few others) with no thought or consideration given to the fans forking over $100+ to sit in a freezing cold Michigan November night.

But another problem I have with night MSU football games is of a strictly personal nature. I'm one of those crazy fans who takes at least two hours to decompress from a game, win or lose. I can almost guarantee that no matter what happens in this game, I won't go to bed until at least 2 AM. And even if I do finally get to sleep, it'll be a restless sleep. It's even worse when the Spartans lose.

You'd think that at my age, I'd be over it, but that surely isn't the case.

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