Sunday, November 16, 2014

1950 avenged!: Michigan State 37, Maryland 15

It was a game that quite often was ugly to watch, with no flow, and a Spartan offense that at times couldn't get out of its own way. It was a workmanlike win, nothing more and nothing less. But that's okay. Coming off the disappointment of the Ohio State loss, and playing on the road in an unfamiliar environment and against an unfamiliar foe, expecting anything more would be unrealistic.

The most important result from this game is that, despite the often unsightliness of the whole affair, it was a victory for the Spartans.

The defense, notwithstanding a few deep passes given up, was outstanding and really won this game on a night in which the offense was largely unreliable (and for a variety of reasons--not all of their own doing--couldn't find a rhythm until Maryland's gritty defense finally wore down midway through the third quarter).

It was never realistic to expect MSU's defensive backs to be the No Fly Zone, and they have had struggles this season, but tonight they played well. Trae Waynes continues to have a great season, and Kurtis Drummond and R.J. Williamson stepped up. Williamson had a huge pick six on a pass tipped by Taiwan Jones in the play that broke the Terrapins' back (or, more accurately, "shell"). Darian Hicks struggled and was burned a few times tonight, but also had one near-interception. Hicks is only a sophomore and he should improve next season.

MSU's offense wore down the Terps' tired defense and the amazingly consistent Jeremy Langford had yet another fine game grinding out important chunks of yards in the fourth quarter. Nick Hill and Delton Williams also contributed significantly in the second half.

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