Saturday, November 16, 2013

Demons exorcised

What a huge win for MSU; and the Nebraska demon--or demonS--have been exorcised.

The game was much higher scoring that I or probably anyone thought, but isn't that usually the way it goes with these games?

I only caught bits and pieces of the game, and not because I was too nervous to watch. I saw the first quarter in its entirety (except for a brief few minutes when i was outside raking leaves and listening to the radio broadcast), but then my wife and I had to attend a work-related dinner at the Fireside Grill, south of Lansing. The good part was that, though there was no television in our large banquet room reserved for all the attendees of this dinner, the restaurant portion of the establishment had several large screen televisions. I was no the only person at this dinner who was interested--or rather, obsessed--with the result of the MSU/Nebraska game. Though we tried to be sociable, three or four of us husbands/boyfriends found ourselves occasionally meandering into the dining room to check the score. Of course, I also had up on my Android Razr so I could sneak a peak at the score. The game ended just a little before dinner wrapped up, and it made the whole experience much better.

By the way, the Fireside Grill is good. If you're in the Lansing area, go check it out. And I'm not getting paid for that endorsement.

So, I missed most of the game, and will have to catch the replay on Big Ten Network, whenever that is. After I have seen the replay, I'll attempt to write a bit more about the game. For now, I plan on just savoring this great Spartan win.

Tonight, I posted the following update status on Facebook, "MSU's "Payback's a B**** Tour 2013" continues. Latest victim: Nebraska. Next week: Northwestern. Go Spartan Dawgs!" I've also threatened to create t-shirts with the slogan, "MSU: Payback's a Bitch Tour 2013," with a list of all the teams the Spartans fell to in close losses last season. Next to the name of the school will be boxes with check marks in them. So far, we have Iowa, Michigan, and Nebraska, with Northwestern and Ohio State left. Of course, this t-shirt will only be any good or desirable if MSU beats all of these teams. 

Well, I feel a slight headache coming on from staring at this computer screen and the two Bell's Two-Hearted Ales I drank at dinner. Yes, I'm a lightweight in my advanced age.

Until later, Go State!

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