Wednesday, November 13, 2013

MSU knocks off Kentucky's latest collection of one-and-doners

Not a lot of time to write this morning.

I'm thrilled with last night's Spartan basketball team win over John Calipari's latest collection of Kentucky Wildcat one-and-done mercenaries.

There's no doubt that Kentucky is loaded with talent, but they made so many mistakes and were so terrible at the free throw line, it's amazing they were able to tie the score late in the game, before succumbing to the Spartans' experience and poise down the stretch.

So, we have one big game down this week (MSU's basketball win), with another coming up on Saturday (football game against Nebraska). Here's hoping for a 2-0 record.


For what it's worth, I'm not a fan of the rule changes in college basketball. All the touch foul calls last night limited the flow of the game, and I couldn't believe how long it took to play with all the clock stoppages. A college basketball game shouldn't last much more than two hours, but the MSU/Kentucky must have taken at least 2 1/2 hours to play. This is ridiculous and hurts college basketball. It certainly has an adverse effect on the watchability of college hoops and may lead casual fans to the NBA game.


I'm coming back to this post a little later in the day. I've heard basketball experts on the radio, Tim McCormick in particular, who believe that the college basketball rule changes will be beneficial in the long run, it'll just take time for players and coaches to adjust. I'm willing to wait it out and see if this is true.

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