Sunday, November 24, 2013

Reporting from vacation

I'm reporting from Warner Robins, Georgia. On our way to our family vacation in Orlando.
Naturally, I missed the Spartan football game, since we were driving. We were in Kentucky when the game started and had taken a restroom pit stop in Tennessee when it ended. Happy to see MSU took care of business.
Checked into our hotel room just as the MSU basketball game started, but it was nowhere to be found on the cable TV here, and honestly I'd have been too wiped out to watch the whole game, anyway. The Spartan hoopsters got the job done.
Yesterday was a great day to be a Spartan, and I've been proudly wearing my gruff Sparty sweatshirt.
Back to football, though. I admit I was wrong about Connor Cook. Early in the season, I (along with many others) doubted whether he could be an adequate starter. He has become more than just adequate, he's a leader of the Spartan football team.
Now the Spartans are Legends Division champions for the second time in three years. Now, many doubt whether they can beat Ohio State in the Big Ten title game. To paraphrase Robert Kennedy, "Some people ask 'why?,' I ask 'why not?'" Why can't MSU beat Ohio State? Just because the Buckeyes have won 23 in a row? That streak has to end eventually. All the pressure should be on OSU in this game. The Spartans, as the decided underdog, can play loose and with no worries.

MSU football has been proving the doubters wrong all season. Even the Detroit "blue wall" media have thrown up their hands, given up, and have written glowing stories about them. The Spartans can continue to silence the critics with a win over the Buckeyes. Why not?

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