Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Worst fears confirmed (Michigan State 26, Western Michigan 13)

The offense was more putrid than I ever could have imagined.

MSU's offensive ugliness, combined with the weather delay that pushed the game well past midnight, plus the Big Ten Network losing its feed for several minutes, made me simply turn the game off in the second half and watch Breaking Bad instead.

Then I went to bed after checking the score on my phone. I'd had enough. Call me a terrible fan, but I couldn't subject myself to the horror show anymore.

Where does one start with this offense? The receivers look like they haven't progressed from last year. In other words, they still can't catch a ball to save their lives.

The best catch of the day was Kurtis Drummond's one-handed interception of a WMU pass. In fact, MSU's defense outscored the offense, 14-12.

Andrew Maxwell has a great arm, but I think I can beat him in a sprint. He also still seems to think that every pass has to look like a Max Scherzer fast ball. Connor Cook, on the other hand, is a good scrambler with some speed but his passing ability is closer to Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn from the movie Major League.

On a positive note, the defense was excellent. But unless the offense improves to at least respectability, this team is looking at another 6-6 season.

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