Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tomorrow the roller coaster starts up again

I've spent the last four months not thinking much about MSU sports, which explains my absence from this blog. I've spent the summer watching Tiger baseball, reading, and catching up with Breaking Bad on Netflix (and thoroughly enjoying the final season of the series). I've also taken up running, and my exercise regimen has occupied a good portion of my thoughts and energy this summer.

To tell you the truth, I'm still not that excited about college football season...but I'm slowly getting there. By Friday evening, I may be fully in football freak mode. But for now, I'm not quite feeling it.

The Spartans take on the Western Michigan Broncos tomorrow in the first game of the 2013 campaign. It will most assuredly be a sweltering Spartan Stadium and I'll be happy to watch the game in the air-conditioned comfort of my living room. I'm sure that at least some of my humdrum attitude towards the beginning of football season has to do with the hot and humid weather that has been hanging around mid-Michigan for the last week.

Now on to the 2013 Spartan football team:

As usual, I enter an MSU football season with guarded optimism. There are so many unknowns and what-ifs with this team, that's hard to know exactly what to expect. At least the coaching staff finally decided on a starting quarterback, but who knows how long Maxwell keeps the job. (For what it's worth, I'm rooting for Maxwell). MSU fans have to be encouraged that Damion Terry was so outstanding in camp that he pushed the other three quarterbacks to step up their game. At the very least, this bodes well for the future. I'm looking forward to 2014 and beyond when Damion Terry should be leading this offense.

The defense should be excellent--that at least seems to be the only known quantity with this team. But I'd like to see them create more turnovers this year, thereby creating more opportunities and shorter fields for the offense.

How will the receivers do? They improved slightly as the 2012 season went on, and Aaron Burbridge and Keith Mumphrey stood out. I've also heard that DeAnthony Arnett has shown improvement. I hope that Bennie Fowler can have a big senior year and perhaps Macgarrett Kings (who looked impressive to me in last year's CMU game) will get a chance to shine.

Okay, hold that thought. I'll try to get back to this later...

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