Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bowl game mania

I'm watching the Northwestern/Mississippi State game. This is one game where I wouldn't be surprised to see the Big Ten win. I also have a feeling Wisconsin will give Stanford all they can handle, and don't count Michigan out against South Carolina. (You can probably guess who I'm rooting for in that game, however).
I will try and make periodic updates to this post throughout the day.
Northwestern has a 13-0 lead over Mississippi State. Go 'Cats!
Purdue, unsurprisingly, is down by two touchdowns to Oklahoma State. This game had mismatch written all over it.
More later...
Flipping channels between NW game and Michigan. Drinking a Yeungling.
A few observations we (me and my sister-in-law's husband--can I call him my "brother-in-law"? I'm not sure about the rules regarding this) have had while watching the bowl games today: why do college football teams need to train with Navy Seals? Isn't that overkill? Do the Navy Seals do it pro bono, or do they receive payment? How do they find the time to train a college football team?
If college basketball is like jazz or hip-hop, then college football is like '70s prog rock: bloated and self-important. Do college football coaches really need state troopers to accompany them? I've never seen Tom Izzo or any other college coach guarded courtside by state troopers.
The Outback Bowl just ended. What an exciting game. I greatly enjoyed watching the Wolverines' hearts ripped from their chests and the looks of disbelief on the faces of their fans.
Congratulations to the Northwestern Wildcats on their first bowl win since 1949.
Now the Rose Bowl is about to start.
More later... (I'm sure you're all dying for more of my razor-sharp observations).

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