Sunday, September 16, 2012

When your offense is "offensive": Notre Dame 20, Michigan State 3

I'm writing this immediately after the MSU/ND game, and I'll just write it as I see it, but try not to be too emotional or hysterical. It's one game, and things can least I hope.

First of all, the important parts. Tonight's drink of choice was Pinot Evil pinot noir. Finished up the last bit remaining in the bottle: one glass in the first half and a refill in the second half. As it turned out, I probably should have just guzzled an entire bottle of wine to make me pass out in order to avoid the ugliness I witnessed on the field.

This offense has GOT to improve. It can't get much worse that it was tonight...or can it? I am willing to give credit to Notre Dame's front seven, but for cryin' out loud can anyone on MSU's team besides Dion Sims catch a pass consistently? And why does Andrew Maxwell feel the need to throw every pass like its a Justin Verlander fastball? You need to put a little more touch on those throws, Andrew (says the blogger whose highest level of football achievement was intramural "Air Force" football--where said blogger was decidedly the most mediocre participant on the field).

Michigan State was not helped by the consistently bad field position they had--and here is where the loss of Keshawn Martin was really and truly felt. Nick Hill was not able to return anything tonight. At least part of the credit has to go the Notre Dame's punting, but something tells me Keshawn could have returned at least one or two of those punts for a significant gain.

The Spartans also had a few chances to change the game's momentum, with both Max Bullough and Chris Norman almost intercepting Everett Golson. Speaking of Golson, he is a talented young quarterback. Paticularly impressive is his ability to throw on the run. He's elusive with a great arm, and he did not make any mistakes in the game.

MSU's defense played quite well, but looked gassed in the fourth quarter. They were on the field too long and it showed on the deciding drive of the game when ND took it from their own 4 yard line, into Spartan territory, and booted a field goal to make the score 17-3.

I believe I made it through the entire game without hurling any F-bombs, which is good for me. Then again, my kids were in the same room with me, so I was on my best behavior for the most part. But honestly, the game was such a snooze that it was hard to get overly angry. Frustrated, but not angry.

I have to stop making predictions on MSU games. I'm always wrong, and that's because I go with my heart and not my head.  But even I couldn't have predicted such a terrible offensive showing.

If Notre Dame doesn't crush Michigan next week, I will not be happy. This Irish defense should be capable of making Denard Robinson's life most unpleasant.

Thus begins a week when I will attempt to avoid most sports talk radio, as well as the hand-wringing, complaining, and name-calling on the Red Cedar Message Board (the main MSU sports-related message board on the world wide web, for those not in the know).

I sure hope this Notre Dame defense is the best MSU will face all year, because if it's not, we could be in for a disappointing year.

I can't help but wonder how far MSU will fall in the polls after this one. #17 or so? I'm disappointed that MSU laid such an egg on national television (ABC and not just ESPN) with the Goodyear Blimp overhead and the national championship trophy on the sideline. It's just further proof that life is never easy for MSU fans.

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