Sunday, September 9, 2012

A fan in absentia: Michigan State 41, Central Michigan 7

Full disclosure: I missed almost the entire first half of yesterday's MSU/CMU tilt because I went with my wife and eldest son to see The Dark Knight Rises. (It was an adrenaline-charged blast of a movie, but the main thing I took from it is that being a Gotham City police officer is a thankless job).

I didn't make it home until early in the third quarter, at which time the score was 31-0. All of the fireworks had ended by that point, and it was time for the second string. Of what I saw in that third and fourth quarter, not much made an impression other than Macgarrett Kings, the freshman wide receiver. He had two catches and is fast, with shifty moves.

From what I could tell, the Spartans simply took care of business. There was nothing fancy or earth-shattering about the Spartans' performance, though it was good to see the passing game improve, albeit against an inferior opponent.

I admit that I wasn't sure what to think about MSU playing a Mid-American Conference team on the road, but I've come around to believing it was a great event for the State of Michigan, and good public relations for Michigan State. Let's keep money in the state, because with our financial and economic problems, we desperately need it. Michigan State looks good for giving up what would have been a home game to create the biggest sporting event in Mt. Pleasant/CMU history.

Now, time to look forward to a big home night game against Notre Dame. I think it's time for payback after what happened last year. Am I right?

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