Saturday, February 25, 2012

Michigan State 62, Nebraska 34

Leisurely watched the game whilst nursing a glass of shiraz.

Ugly, typical Big Ten defensive slugfest in the first half.  I think Nebraska figured their only chance was to "uglify" the game as much as possible, and despite not being able to hit the broad side of a barn, the Huskers were only down by eight at intermission.

I didn't expect the game to turn into such a blowout in the second half, but I also didn't expect Nebraska's best player, Bo Spencer, to go out at halftime with an injury. That's not to say that Nebraska would have had a chance even with Spencer in there, but what would have probably been a 15-20 point loss turned into a 28 point loss.

It was great to see Draymond Green get his 1000th career rebound late in the second half, and touching to see Austin Thornton immediately acknowledge it.

The most entertaining moment of the night had to be Derrick Nix getting a steal and thundering in for a monster jam.  I thought the big fella was going to bring down the entire goalpost with him.

So, a potential trap game was decidedly NOT a trap.  The guys may have not played at the peak of their abilities, but they went out there with enough energy to put Nebraska away almost immediately.  Now it's time for a tussle with Indiana down in Bloomington.

Having the Spartans kick the Cornhuskers' butts twice in hoops almost makes up for that disappointing football loss our guys suffered in Lincoln.

And, to close, I'd like to thank the Michigan Wolverines for losing to Purdue.  I appreciate the gesture a great deal.  As a Michigan State fan, I sure as hell don't want the Spartans having to share a title with Michigan, and I definitely do NOT want Michigan having any chance of finishing above the Spartans in the final standings.  Michigan has gone 25 years without a conference basketball title, and I'd be more than happy to see it extended to 26 years.

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