Saturday, February 11, 2012

Colossal win for Spartan hoops!

I am watching the third period of Michigan State's hockey game against Michigan and basking in the glow of the Spartan cagers win over Ohio State, and I must also say I am feeling the warmth of a celebratory glass of pinot noir.

As I stated in a previous post (thank you!), Tom Izzo thrives on games like the one we had tonight: a big game against a formidable foe with a lot at stake.  This had the feel of an NCAA tournament game, and everyone knows how well the Izzo-led Spartans have done in March Madness.

It was a tremendous defensive effort by the Spartans.  Sullinger was frustrated the entire game, and Buford was neutralized.  Certainly not the prettiest game one will ever see, but whatever--I'll take the win.

Quite improbably and amazingly, the Spartans are in the driver's seat for the Big Ten title, and if MSU wins it, it just might be the best coaching job of Tom Izzo's career--and this is a man who has had his share of incredible coaching jobs.

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