Monday, November 7, 2011

Spartans eek past the Gophers

Yesterday, I was looking forward to a calm, relaxing MSU football game, with the Spartans ringing up the scoreboard like a pinball machine and cruising past the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Well, apparently Minnesota didn't get the memo that they were supposed to roll over and play dead on Saturday, and it seems that the Spartans themselves didn't arrive to the game until sometime in the fourth quarter.  Plus, MarQueis Gray decided that this week he'd play like the greatest quarterback in college football history (at least until the last five minutes or so of the fourth quarter).  This all added up to a lackluster 31-24 win for MSU.

I was actually able to watch this game on our living room flat screen TV, but retired to the bedroom television by the third quarter because by that time I didn't care if my six year-old took over the living room to watch Cars 2.

I'll take the win, of course, but I'm concerned about the running game and specifically Edwin Baker.  I don't know whether it's just due to the patchwork offensive line, but Baker doesn't seem himself this season--and the fumbles he's had seem quite out of character.  Thankfully, Le'Veon Bell has been around to pick up the slack.

Now it's on to Iowa to see if the Spartans can win a big road game.  Iowa City hasn't been kind to MSU, as the Spartans haven't won there since 1989.  That's seven straight losses at Kinnick Stadium if you're keeping score.

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