Saturday, November 12, 2011

Carrier Classic basketball game and the Iowa football game

What a scene last night on the flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson.  Kudos to Mark Hollis and Michigan State University for pulling off what looked to be a beautiful evening of basketball on an aircraft carrier.  Everyone was a winner last night: MSU, the University of North Carolina, the United States Navy, and everyone involved with last night's spectacle.

Despite the Spartans' loss in the game, there are reasons to be encouraged.  The team played tough defense, were great on the boards, and hung with the Tar Heels through the entire game. 

One minor quibble I have is that it was difficult to enjoy watching the game on television, though the overhead, panoramic shots of the harbor and the carrier were splendid.  However, the glare from the court, due to the sun, was not easy on my eyes.  That's the end of my complaining.  It was, overall, a great event.


Now, on to today's Iowa football game.  If the Spartans can overcome the mistakes they made in last year's Iowa game, they should be fine.  Come out focused and mean, and MSU should beat Iowa.  Still, Kinnick Stadium is a daunting place, and for whatever reason the Spartans have struggled there.  Eventually, their luck has to change. Right?  We shall see.

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