Monday, November 21, 2011

Reading enemy dispatches

I checked this book out of the library on Thursday, and it is a compelling and fascinating read.  I have been taking notes and will give a full report in this blog as soon as I finish.

Postscript (10/8/2012):  I promised a full report about this book, and in fact did keep notes, but unfortunately I threw the notes in the trash at some point and have no idea what I wanted to write about it. Basically what I took away from the book is that Rich Rodriguez never had a chance in Ann Arbor. He received no support from either Lloyd Carr, the University of Michigan administration, or the power broker "Michigan Men" (wealthy graduates who support the athletic department along with former Michigan players and coaches).

You may ask yourselves why in God's Green Earth a Michigan State fan would want to read this book. I admit that part of it is a case of schadenfreude on my part, but I was also curious to learn how a football program with such a seemingly solid foundation could sink to such depths in such a short period of time. Bacon's well-written and exhaustively researched book provides those answers.

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