Saturday, November 26, 2011

Next up, the Northwestern Wildcats

With the Thanksgiving holiday, I've been a stranger lately, but I've made it back in time for today's football game against Northwestern.

I've heard some people say that, since the Spartans have already clinched the Legends Division, this game is not important and MSU should rest some players.  I agree with Mark Dantonio that this talk is ridiculous, and I'm happy that Dantonio has stated this publicly with conviction.

As we know, college football is a popularity contest, so any blemish on MSU's record would hurt them when it comes to BCS rankings and national polls.  It doesn't matter to the BCS computer or the pollsters if the game "doesn't mean anything".

Additionally, what message is sent to the players if the coach downplays the importance of a game?  The Spartans need to treat this game just like any other on their schedule.

Northwestern is a dangerous team, with Persa, Ebert, and Colter on the offensive end.  The Wildcats beat Nebraska in Lincoln, so that should tell you everything you need to know about what Northwestern is capable of doing.  The Wildcats make me nervous.

The Spartans, though, are on a mission for not only an outright Big Ten crown, but a BCS bowl game.  I fully expect them to play at their best, and I look for the Spartans to win this one, 34-24.


In other Big Ten action, Michigan should finally end a seven-year drought and beat Ohio State.  Purdue should roll over Indiana, and in a mild upset Minnesota will beat Illinois in Minneapolis.  Wisconsin will beat Penn State and the Badgers will be MSU's opponent next week in the Big Ten championship game.


One final note, congratulations to the MSU hockey team for their stunning victory over the Minnesota Gophers.  Tom Anastos has the Spartan icers playing extremely well.

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