Sunday, July 24, 2016

Mike Sadler (1991-2016)

The news early this afternoon hit me, and I'm sure every other Michigan State fan, like a ton of bricks. Or possibly two or three tons of bricks.

Mike Sadler, the acerbic, intelligent, self-deprecating, and always amusing former Spartan punter died yesterday in an automobile accident. Sam Foltz, current Nebraska punter, also perished in the accident.

Sadler's frequently hilarious tweets were beloved by Spartan supporters, and even by folks with no Michigan State affiliation. But Sadler was more than a writer of funny Twitter messages. He was an intelligent young man who had--unbeknownst to me until today--completed his master's degree at Stanford last year. He was planning on attending law school, but must have still had his eye on an NFL career as he and Foltz were attending a kicking camp in Wisconsin.

I suppose it's a cliche to say that "[Such-and-such young age] is too young to die," but 24 really is too young to go. Sadler had a bright future on whatever path he chose to take, and it's heartbreaking that his life is cut short before it really had an opportunity to unfold.

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