Saturday, November 7, 2015

Just the usual pre-game neurosis

I know Nebraska is only 3-6, but they make me nervous: proud football program with lots of history and tradition, night game in Lincoln, crazy Husker fans. It'll be a tough environment for the Spartans. Getting out of there with a win will be a bigger accomplishment than what they'll probably be given credit for...if they do indeed escape with a victory.

I've gone through my pre-game rituals, which include walking past a building on North Washington Avenue in Lansing which I have, for reasons I can't remember, decided is a "lucky place" that I need to walk by before any big game. I've also completed my traditional pre-game 5 kilometer run through the neighborhood, which I've decided is lucky AND relaxes me before kickoff.

Now, my rational and logical self says that none of this means a hill of beans and has absolutely no impact on the game...but if I didn't do it, I'd feel empty and negligent.

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