Saturday, September 12, 2015

This week's football post

I've always wanted to make this blog more personal, and stray away from giving what I refer to my "two-bit analysis." What is the point of me trying to analyze these games when there are plenty of professional sportswriters out there who get PAID to do it. Who really needs to read what I have to say?

So, in the spirit of making this blog personal, I want to relate to you how this time of year makes me feel.

We moved into our current--and I hope "forever"--house on September 15, 2007. The only reason I remember that date is because I remember clear as a bell that Michigan State football played Pittsburgh. As the movers were doing there thing at our new house, I was out running some errand or other and listening to the Spartans put the finishing touches on a close 17-13 win. I'd be lying if I said that at I knew MSU's football fortunes were about to change for the better, but it seemed clear that Dantonio was definitely an upgrade from John L. Smith.

Anyway, I always associate this time of year with when we moved into this house and how it almost perfectly coincided with the start of Mark Dantonio's tenure as Michigan State football coach.


About three weeks ago, while on vacation, I had a dream quite out of nowhere that Michigan State beat Oregon 45-41. I may as well stick with that prediction, though I'd love it if the Spartans blew the Ducks out.

I really have no idea how the game will go tonight, but I definitely like the Spartans' chances. It's at home, it's a night game, Oregon's new quarterback Vernon Adams is playing his first big road game, and the Spartans must have payback on their minds. Then again, J.T. Barrett played his first big road game of the year last year against MSU and we see how that went. Who knows how good this kid is, or the degree to which MSU's defensive backfield needs to improve. Well, here's hoping for the best.

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