Thursday, December 18, 2014

My own Michigan State football "Mt. Rushmore"

Before the Big Ten Network unveils its "Michigan State football Mt. Rushmore," I present to you my own. I can't say I spent much time pouring over names or agonizing, in fact I spent less than 15 minutes on this. I may very well be forgetting some important players that should be included. But looking at these four players, I feel fairly comfortable that it's not a half-bad "Mt. Rushmore." Just for the heck of it, I also added an honorable mention list.

Michigan State football Mt. Rushmore (or, more accurately, Mt. Spartan)

George Webster The glue, and certainly the undisputed leader, of the 1965/66 Big Ten and national championship Spartans. Duffy Daugherty created the roverback position for him, utilizing Webster's great talents to make a hybrid defensive back/linebacker. George Webster was voted MSU's greatest player ever when the question was put to vote during the 1969 college football centennial year.

Lorenzo White Two-time American and MSU's all-time rushing leader. Lo White finished top five in the Heisman voting of 1985 and 1987. He was the best MSU football player that this writer ever saw play in person.

Darqueze Dennard Is it premature to place Dennard in this list? Maybe. But he was the star player on the 2013 team, the best MSU football team in 47 years. That has to account for something. Dennard was the leader of the "No Fly Zone" and dared teams to attempt to pass on the Spartans. When opponents took up the challenge, they were usually unsuccessful.

Don Coleman Biggie Munn's first great player, helping to pave the way for Michigan State's glory years from 1950 to 1966. Michigan State's first unanimous All-American and the school's first African-American All-American.

Honorable mentions

Bubba Smith
Kirk Gibson
Gideon Smith
Brad Van Pelt

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