Saturday, May 31, 2014

My one post for May

I happened to notice that I'd written no posts during the month of May.

Seeing as how this is my last chance to do so, I am here to rectify the situation. So here is my lone post for May.

I'm enjoying the "off-season." Quite honestly, I'm also still reveling in MSU's tremendous 2013 football season and I want this warm glow to last for as long as possible. For that reason, I can't say I'm "looking forward" to the 2014 football season. Not that I'm dreading it or anything. Certainly not--though it's difficult to see how 2014 could possibly top 2013. As I believe I already wrote in here, the only way for that to happen is if the Spartans finished the season undefeated and went on to play in the national championship game.

Just today, the Big Ten Network replayed the Rose Bowl and followed that up with the Spartans' 29-6 dismantling of Michigan. I never, never, never tire of watching either one of those games. I could easily put those two games (along with the Big Ten Championship win over Ohio State) on an endless loop and watch it for several days in a row without getting bored.

Watching those games, though, I still see room for improvement: not with MSU's defense, but with the offense. Connor Cook made enough mistakes in those games that, as successful as he was for the most part, he needs to tighten up his play and make better decisions at times. Of course, he was only a sophomore and I expect that he WILL be a better quarterback in 2014.

For now, I'll continue to revel in the 2013 football season (and if the Big Ten basketball tournament title game against Michigan is replayed, certainly catch that). No need to rush the 2014 football season, there's plenty of time to enjoy the summer and reminisce.

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