Thursday, February 6, 2014

Just a short blurb about "'crootin'" and tonight's Penn State game

I don't follow high school recruiting closely--if at all--and, hence, don't treat national signing day as some sort of unofficial holiday. I've always found it pointless to get emotionally invested in the college choices made by teenage athletes.
Having said that, I'm happy to see that Michigan State's highly successful 2013 football season is already paying dividends on the recruiting trail. Now, we just need Malik McDowell's parents to get on board with his choice, and this could be Mark Dantonio's most highly rated class.
Adreian Payne will be back in the lineup for tonight's basketball game against Penn State, and here's hoping that having the big fella back and being back home in Big Ten competition will inspire the team. They need a shot in the arm after the Georgetown misfire.

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