Thursday, January 23, 2014

Table 1, Dawson 0

Branden Dawson got angry at a film session this morning, slammed a table, and broke his hand. He'll be out 4-5 weeks.
I will not cast any judgment on Branden Dawson's impulsive expression of anger and frustration. Who among us have not felt the same way at some point in our lives, particularly when we were young? When I was 22, I foolishly punched a wall in a fit of anger and broke a finger, so I'm in no position to judge Dawson.
Having said that, how many more injuries can this MSU basketball team sustain before the seams start to tear out?
The timing of this couldn't be much worse, coming just before a first-place showdown with Michigan. If Adreian Payne can't go, I don't know if MSU can pull out this game against the Wolverines. It'll have to come down to pure grit and determination, and maybe some help from a frenzied Breslin crowd. But here's the thing, Michigan already proved they can win in a crazy road environment (Wisconsin), so a rabid Green & White crowd might not be enough. The Spartans need to reach down deep and come out with an intense 40-minute effort and some players need to have the games of their careers in order for the Spartans to pull this one out.

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