Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Anybody have an inexpensive defibrillator for sale?

If there are many more games like last night's overtime win over Ohio State, I may need to install a defibrillator in my house.

You'd think by now, I'd be used to heart attack specials like last night's MSU game against the Buckeyes, but the answer is a definite "no."

Though the final few minutes of regulation almost killed me, I have to give the Spartans credit for regrouping in overtime and coming away with a win. Once again, the team is a veritable "walking wounded" with Adreian Payne still dealing with plantar fasciitis, Keith Appling suffering with leg cramps, and Travis Trice just plain sick. I don't know whether this is just a case of bad luck visiting the Spartan basketball team year after year, but this seems to be a perpetual problem with them. For whatever reason, it seems like MSU is never able to have a healthy basketball team...ever.

Still, the gritty Spartans won the game, and the two unhealthiest guys on the floor--Payne and Appling--played wonderfully. Except for an occasional grimace by Appling when he'd run down the floor, I'd never guess either player was hurting.

These 9:00 games are killing me. It's a good thing that the kids have another snow day today and, since I'm staying home with them, I didn't need to get up for work. Otherwise, I'd be a zombie. By the time last night's game was finally over (approximately 11:25 PM) I was so hopped up with adrenaline, I couldn't sleep until well past midnight. Hey, at least I wasn't one of the poor people who had to brave the arctic weather to watch the game in person at Breslin.

Later today, I plan on watching the replay of the game on Big Ten Network, where I can watch the game comfortably and not have to worry about going into cardiac arrest.

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