Saturday, December 28, 2013

Max-ed out on Bullough: does the public have a right to know the truth?

I've been wrestling, the last few days, with whether the public has a right to know why Max Bullough was suspended from the MSU football team. I find myself going back-and-forth on the issue.
I've heard the argument that, if the truth is disclosed, the speculation will end, the story will soon die, and the focus can return to the Rose Bowl. I'm not convinced of that. Instead of the story being, "Bullough is suspended for undisclosed reasons, oh and by the way, MSU is playing in the Rose Bowl" the story would become, "Bullough is suspended for [name the infraction], oh and by the way MSU is playing in the Rose Bowl. Now, back to why, how, when, and where did Bullough [commit the unknown infraction]."
It seems that the Bullough story has already lost some steam, but I suppose we won't know for sure until January 1.
Ultimately, it's up to Max Bullough and his family to come forward when they see fit to do so. Their silence may be as much about protecting the team as it is about protecting Max.
I, for one, intend on focusing all of my attention on the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl game, and not on Max Bullough's travails.

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