Thursday, October 3, 2013

An anniversary, the Iowa game, and Brian Hoyer

Today is the 4th anniversary of this great game between Michigan State and that team southeast of us. Full disclosure: I was so angry about how Michigan had tied the game with seven seconds left in regulation that I stormed out of the house, took a walk up the street, and missed the overtime. Wonderful fan I am, eh?

Watching these highlights, it's clear that Kirk Cousins had not become the quarterback that we knew in 2010 and 2011. He makes two ill-advised throws that he would later learn not to attempt, and either tuck the ball or throw it away. It was Cousins the sophomore still learning to play at the college level.

Anyway, it was a memorable and exciting win for the Spartans.

Back to 2013 now. I have to admit I'm still not sold on this year's Spartan football team, but in fairness it takes me at least the first third of the season to warm up to any MSU football team. This Saturday's game against Iowa will tell us a lot: a win, and MSU could be looking at a very good year--maybe even despite the anemic offense, a loss and it's right behind the eight ball again. This really is a pivotal game.

I couldn't be happier for former Spartan Brian Hoyer, who is now the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. I never thought he deserved the abuse he received from some fans when he was at MSU, and he deserves praise for sticking with it in the NFL before finally getting his chance on the big stage.

If Hoyer is still starting for the Cleveland when the Lions play the Browns, it will be a rematch of the 2009 Capital One Bowl. Matthew Stafford led the Georgia Bulldogs to a 24-12 win over Hoyer's Spartans. I'll be rooting for the Lions against the Browns, but I'd like to see Hoyer have a big game. My ideal final score would be something like 35-31, with Hoyer throwing four touchdown passes with no interceptions; and only losing because the Browns' defense can't stop the Lions.

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