Thursday, January 5, 2012

Big Ten basketball so far...

Just finished watching the Indiana/Michigan game and what an exciting finish that was, with the Hoosiers pulling it out by two points.  I still wasn't sure how good Michigan was going into this game, and considered this to be a litmus test.  The Wolverines hung in there and darned near won this thing.  Tim Hardaway, Jr. looked more energized and athletic than I've seen all year.  That kid is a good player and has some serious hops--though he still makes youthful mistakes at times, and Michigan passed my litmus test.  Much as it pains me to say it, Michigan is good.  But give Indiana some credit for finding a way to win.  I don't know that the Hoosiers necessarily played their best game, but they got it done.  (And thank God for that because sports talk radio tomorrow would have been insufferable had Michigan won).

I don't understand some of the things Michigan does on offense.  Why does Beilein insist on having his players launch wild three-point shots early in the shot clock on so many possessions?  There were some wasted possessions for Michigan.  Am I missing something?  Is Beilein an offensive genius and my layman's-eye view of basketball simply doesn't understand this fact?

In a shocking development, Penn State crushed Purdue by 20.  I certainly didn't see that coming.  Another alleged bottom-feeder, Iowa, has now won two straight road games over Wisconsin and Minnesota.  What does this mean?  It's an indication that there is NO team in the conference that can be overlooked.  It's stacking up to be an interesting Big Ten race.

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