Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's time to move on...and more random college football thoughts

It’s time to get over not going to the Rose Bowl, and it’s time to get over not going to a BCS bowl.  Let's all agree that the BCS is a greed-fueled travesty and move on.  Face it, Spartan fans, this program is still young and getting back on its feet after the Death Valley years of Bobby Williams and John L. Smith.  Until MSU develops a proven track record of winning seasons—and winning bowl games—the Spartans will continue to be passed over for BCS bowl games by lesser teams with a fancier pedigree.  The first step towards this ultimate goal is winning the Outback Bowl on January 2, 2012.

If the Spartans beat Georgia, they still have a shot to be the highest ranked Big Ten team when the dust settles on the 2011 college football season.  This HAS to be MSU’s current goal.  They need to take out all of their anger and frustration on the Georgia Bulldogs.

The award for Worst Bowl Matchup goes to UCLA (6-7) vs. Illinois (6-6) in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, which coincidentally should win the award for worst bowl game name.  Both teams have fired their respective coaches and enter the game under dubious circumstances.  UCLA actually had to receive a special waiver from the NCAA to even play in the game, since the Bruins have a losing record.  Illinois won its first six games of the season before finishing the season with a six game losing streak.  What are they playing for?  The opportunity to finish the season without a losing record.  Anyone looking for proof that there are too many bowl games need look no further than this game.


Count me as one who doesn't think Alabama deserves to be in the national championship game.  They had their chance at home against LSU and lost.  Why exactly do they deserve yet another chance?  And is this fair to LSU, who now have to beat Alabama for a second time?  I'd rather have seen Oklahoma State get a shot at LSU.  At least the Cowboys have a conference title.

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